End of a grand adventure

It's the end of a grand adventure. XCOR has declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

We still hope the Lynx will fly one day because it is a great spaceplane and one that could achieve true airline like operations. Cosmica Spacelines was formally dissolved a year ago but we kept a minimal presence online in case we wished to restart the company. We still could at some time in the future, but for now, we are pursuing new adventures in the renewable energy field with Wind Fisher.

Before we cross the event horizon, we thought we'd share one last little teaser. We worked with Lagula Arquitectes to develop a residential fly-in/fly-out air & space park at a French airport. They did a fantastic job with renderings and site planning and I would highly recommend them for a future project.

We also had a letter from the FAA stating this same airport would be an appropriate base of operations for "experienced operational vehicles" with a safety level better than 1 in 500 failure probability during takeoff.

And now, it's time to sign-out. The future is looking bright for commercial space and we are happy to have contributed our time, money and energy to pushing the industry forward.

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