Leadership Team

The Cosmica Spacelines team is dedicated to superior
customer service as space changes your world.

Cosmica Spacelines has assembled a unique group of passionate individuals, among the best in the industry, who are ready to make your spaceflight experience truly enjoyable. Whether it is technical or experiential, Cosmica is wholly committed to delivering superior value with the services we provide. Continuous innovation and personalized assistance provides members, guests, and industry professionals with the standards they deserve.

Skilled Professionals

Demanding clients turn to skilled professionals to manage prestigious and valuable assets such as private residences, supercar collections, business jets and luxury yachts. Spaceplanes are no different. Our team provides or arranges spacecraft management services that encompass operations, maintenance, financing, licensing, legalities and insurance. Cosmica knows where to find the necessary experts to solve your most challenging enigmas.

The Cosmica Team

The founders of Cosmica Spacelines have one fundamental idea at heart. Each of us believes that the impossible becomes possible if you put your mind, energy and passion to work towards achieving your true dreams. Nothing is out of reach; it is only a matter of clarifying the idea and the way to ultimately reach it. This is what drives us to bring Cosmica Spacelines to the forefront of the industry with superior service to deliver an extraordinary experience to all those involved in the project. The Cosmica project has changed our outlook on the world and we hope it changes yours.

We have built a team of dedicated professionals, aligned towards the common goal of making flights to space a daily reality using safe, reusable space launch vehicles. Suborbital flights are just the beginning of humanity’s longer journey to become a space faring society with significant off-planet opportunities. We have our sights set on the cosmos but we have our feet planted firmly on Earth as our foundation for making all of this achievable.

Garrett Smith – Founder, President & COO Founder, President and COO of Cosmica Spacelines, Garrett Smith shares his unbridled passion for space with the leaders of the industry and has chosen a path that places him in the forefront of commercial space travel, exploration and innovation. He has developed a detailed understanding of aerospace vehicles throughout his career working for aircraft manufacturing companies with a particular specialization in aircraft interior accommodations. His extensive space industry research and networking with commercial spaceflight professionals gives him unique insight into resolving the technical, economic and regulatory challenges faced by such a unique business opportunity.

Prior to founding Cosmica Spacelines, Garrett was an architect of aircraft layouts and cabin definition for Airbus where he managed the customer relationship to artfully customize the A380. He has extensive experience managing employees, negotiating contracts, and effecting organizational change. Inventiveness is also demonstrated with Garrett holding two patents related to aircraft cabins and systems. At Boeing, he worked as an engineer negotiating customer work scope, orchestrating test procedures, creating structural repairs and streamlining internal and supplier design processes.

Garrett has always been an enthusiastic supporter of space travel serving as founder and chairman of the Space Tourism Work Group within the Aeronautics & Astronautics Association of France as well as being a founding investor in Benson Space Company. Garrett holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University and a Master of Science in Space Management from the International Space University.

Garrett Smith

Leszek Farber – Founder & CEO As Founder and CEO, Leszek Farber provides leadership and focus to the Cosmica team. His sales and training experience provides incredible insight into ensuring spaceflight experiences are tailored to expectations. He brings a wealth of knowledge to Cosmica through his years of working with global aerospace and business leaders such as Airbus, ATR, Embraer, BAE Systems, Lufthansa Consulting, AerCap and many others.

Along with software development, project and personnel management, Leszek has served as a Senior Consultant for PACE Aerospace Engineering & Information Technology providing software solutions to clients in aerospace, automotive and transportation industries. His notable accomplishments relate to aircraft cabin configuration and aircraft performance in preliminary aircraft design software.

The culmination of his skills and knowledge put Leszek in a world he most desires to be, space. The enthusiasm of his guidance to launch Cosmica inspires his colleagues and Cosmica Elite Members to share in his dreams of changed perspective with repeat flights to space so that humanity can explore the worlds beyond our own.

Leszek Farber

Monica Farber – Founder & Board Member Monica Farber is a Founder and Board Member in Cosmica Spacelines giving essential life to humankind’s progression into space. She openly shares the idea of space travel with everyone she meets, serving as an ambassador to the cosmos. With a background in holistic therapies, Monica strives to serve others by listening to their stories and enabling healing interconnection to enter their lives. Monica is an entrepreneur managing her own therapeutic practice and administering an extensive property portfolio. She contributes business fundamentals and discerning oversight to Cosmica.

Monica Farber

Advisors & Partners

The people and organizations listed here are but a sprinkling of those supporting Cosmica Spacelines. We will continue to add leading advisors and partners to the project as we pursue and achieve our goal of bringing commercial spaceflight to Europe with a unique touch that gives the Cosmica lifestyle a special identity purpose.


Lorenzo Di Loreto – Aviation Professional – Strategy, Marketing and Tourism

Alfred Hopton – RPRT Communications – PR & Social Networking

Rafael Harillo – Stardust Consulting – Aviation & Space Law – Consultant

John Spencer – Space Tourism Society – Space Architecture & Experience Design


XCOR Aerospace – Creators of the Lynx spaceplane