Lynx – Own
Your Experience

Secure the unmatched prestige of personal access to
space with a lifetime interest in a Lynx spaceplane.
Lynx spacecraft with ground crew

“To go places and do things that have never been done before – that’s what living is all about.”
Michael Collins

We couldn’t agree more with the above quote. That is why Cosmica offers the opportunity for individuals to own their experience with a lifetime interest in a Lynx spaceplane. Set yourself at the forefront of the possible and indulge yourself in a world first private spacecraft fractional membership program.

Lynx Suborbital Spaceflights

Your flight experience takes sharp focus as you cross the threshold into the hangar and your eyes are pulled to the attractive curves of the Lynx spaceplane. After a final pre-flight check with the crew, you are now ready to board a stylish spaceplane with extraordinary performance. Take your seat next to the pilot to enjoy a wide-angle view from launch to landing.

At ignition, feel the power as the engines thrust you back in your seat, rapidly approaching three times the speed of sound. Clouds are soon behind you as the Earth recedes and the sky begins to darken. Weightlessness arrives while you are speeding upwards into the star-studded black sky to float at apogee 100km above the ground.

Lynx flight plan

The majestic blue Earth below pulls you towards a new thrill as re-entry sneaks up with 4g acceleration. Take the opportunity to relax during the peaceful glide home on your way to touchdown at Cosmica’s spaceport. Once back on Earth, let your newfound perspective envelop your life. Envision new achievements and challenge others to excellence. Let us introduce you to the boundless potential of this unique opportunity.

Safety and Technology

Cosmica defines safety as a fundamental cornerstone of our business. This focus is found throughout our organization and embedded in the culture of the Lynx’s designers and flight operators at XCOR Aerospace. Personal spaceflight is now becoming possible because of the reliable rocket technology developed by these dedicated, safety driven professionals. XCOR has an unmatched history without a single lost-time accident due to rocket firing operations. For more than a decade, XCOR employees have been designing and refining the intricacies of rocket propulsion systems to build in safety while increasing operational reliability. They have produced novel innovations on reusable rocket engines, high performance piston pumps, and composite propellant tank materials.

XCOR rocket testing

In order to demonstrate operational safety, XCOR has already flown two generations of rocket powered aircraft. These aircraft served as developmental prototypes to work out the design issues with rocket propelled flight operations. The experience gained is directly applied to making the Lynx the world’s safest reusable spaceplane.