Cosmica Elite Private
Spaceflight Club

“Anyone who has spent any time in space will love
it for the rest of their lives.” - Valentina Tereshkova
View from Lynx spacecraft, photo floating in microgravity

Membership in Cosmica Spacelines connects you to a vanguard community of passionate individuals with a shared dream of unforgettable experiences.

Cosmica offers select levels of membership with unique opportunities for space travellers to share and grow their desire for perspective changing journeys into space. With superior customer service and a leading training program, members will be exceptionally well prepared for repeat space travel while enjoying a membership with exclusive privileges.

Member Benefits

Membership with Cosmica Elite provides multiple benefits within a lifestyle that is custom tailored to your expectation. Prepare yourself for flight, learn about and share unique business opportunities and entertain your guests and colleagues. Cosmica offers direct access to our staff of astronaut pilots, aerospace engineers and rocket technicians to form a network for members to engage while developing a full appreciation of the opportunities in space.

Cosmica Elite memberships are designed for those who see space as a permanent destination and not just a one time trip. Your premium membership provides incredible value through the opportunity of repeat trips into space. By owning the experience of a group partnership, your journey into space will be priceless.

Appreciate additional value as Cosmica develops a global network of members and operators giving you access to multiple spaceports around the world so that you may fulfill your passion for space travel, when and where you choose.

Spaceport Headquarters & Resort

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, the Cosmica Spaceport will serve as the departure point for changing the way we look at the world. The planned members’ resort will become a central point for space travel in Europe with contemporary hotel and exquisite spa accommodations to relax and revitalize. The Cosmica Spaceport departure lounge will be a premium destination for executives, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to connect with other members and discuss new projects or an upcoming flight… all while enjoying affluent comfort and personal service.

In addition to our own ideas, members’ creativity is also desired to design the Cosmica Elite club facilities. Seize the opportunity to make the members’ headquarters a most unique destination in Europe and around the globe.

Artist's impression of the Cosmica Spaceport

Pre-Flight Medical Examination

At Cosmica Spacelines your personal health and well being are our number one priority. This means that before you are allowed on any of our training simulations or onboard your Lynx flights, experienced aerospace medical specialists will give you a thorough initial examination, and on-going check-ups, to advise you regarding your fitness for spaceflight. An authorized aviation medical examiner will screen your medical history and inform you of the risks associated with suborbital spaceflight so that you can give your informed consent prior to participating.

The medical examination will meet the full requirements of both the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and the competent European authorities. These authorities have published guidelines to screen for medical conditions that could disqualify you from spaceflight in order to protect your personal health and safety. Fortunately, even with these stringent requirements, the vast majority of individuals from all lifestyles are able to travel to space without any specific conditioning required.

Because spaceflight requires high acceleration to reach the awe-inspiring altitudes of space, we will arrange a g-tolerance training session where doctors check your vital signs while undergoing a launch simulation. This goes above the minimum requirements for spaceflight but is an essential component of Cosmica’s superior customer service to best prepare you for your trip.

Spaceflight Qualification & Training

Training is part of the journey that makes spaceflight so enjoyable. At Cosmica, we want the experience to grow within you as you approach the full sensations of a suborbital flight. We first give you an appreciation for the history and culture of spaceflight since its beginnings and share the incredible advances that the commercial spaceflight industry is now making. The knowledge we share will give you the insight to enjoy new perspectives.

A key element of spaceflight is weightlessness, a sensation that is so very fleeting on the surface of the Earth. Almost every child, young and fully grown, knows that jumping from a swing, branch or rock brings the feeling of floating, but only for a fraction of a second. Through the use of specially adapted aircraft we will extend this time to tens of seconds to prepare you for the several minutes of weightlessness you will know in space.

Cosmica’s qualification and training will familiarize your mind and body with the unique suborbital flight environment. This comprehensive preparation allows you to serenely focus on your reasons for traveling to space while fully embracing the launch, the view and the extended weightlessness.